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Services for Companies & Professional Organizations

I enjoy working with high-achieving professionals and organizations to promote mental wellness in the workplace. As a psychotherapist and former HR Manager, I understand the importance of improving employee well-being in order to achieve and maintain a high-performance work culture. I specialize in helping organizations resolve a variety of workplace issues, including chronic stress and burnout, and I am passionate about creating workplaces where humans can thrive.


I am available to support your leadership and HR team in meeting organizational goals!


Some of the services I provide include:

 -  Conflict Resolution

 -  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Policy Design

 -  Performance Management and Coaching

 -  Leadership Coaching

 -  Employee Engagement Strategies

 -  Workplace Wellness Training

 -  Burnout Assessment & Recommendations

 -  Communication Skills Training

 -  Coaching an Employee Out


Speaking Engagements

I regularly speak on the below topics and am able to work with you to create a personalized workshop or presentation based on your unique needs and objectives. 

Battling Burnout: How to Thrive in a Deadline-Driven Environment

Demanding clients. Aggressive deadlines. Long hours. Let’s face it – today’s fast-paced, competitive work environment is stressful and may be putting you at risk of burnout. Because burnout develops cumulatively over an extended period of time, early detection and prevention are key. This workshop will show you how to succeed in a challenging work environment. You will learn to identify risk factors and symptoms of burnout, as well as understand simple tools and strategies to create a balanced life and rediscover passion for your work.

The Work-Life Balance Myth

Everyone is talking about “work-life balance,” but what does it really mean? And why is it so difficult to achieve? This presentation will explore the traditional definition of work-life balance and why it is no longer applicable in our technologically advanced, constantly connected culture. Participants will be encouraged to examine their various personal and professional roles and create a new, personalized definition of work-life balance. Participants will also learn successful tools for maintaining balance and building stress resistance and resilience.

Normal Stress Response or Burnout? How to Tell the Difference (and what to do) 

Stress may have a bad reputation, but not all stress is bad. In fact, acute stress is a healthy response in our body that can protect us from danger or even help us perform better on an important task! However, while our body is equipped to handle short-term stress, prolonged or chronic stress can take a toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing and lead to burnout. This presentation will explore the difference between acute and chronic stress, as well as identify the risk factors and symptoms of burnout. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of practical tips and self-care strategies to manage stress, with special consideration for your industry or population. By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to identify three self-care strategies that meet their unique lifestyle needs.

The EQ Advantage 

Research shows that high emotional intelligence (EQ) is the number one predictor of successful leadership and excellence in the workplace. This presentation will examine the five components of EQ and teach participants how to achieve self-mastery. Participants will explore their individual strengths and consider the organizational benefits.

Psychological Barriers to Balance for Female Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Women in leadership face unique challenges not experienced by their male counterparts. This presentation will explore the psychological barriers unique to women that negatively impact their ability to attain balance in their personal and professional lives. This presentation will also compare and contrast the experiences of professional women across the globe. Participants will be encouraged to examine their personal life stories to understand risk factors present in their lives. Participants will also learn successful strategies for building resistance to stress and attaining a balanced life.


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