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For people who are:

- stuck in their career or are feeling unfulfilled, disengaged, and uninspired by their work

- dissatisfied in their relationship and are unsure of what to do

- burned out at work or are overwhelmed by conflicting personal and professional demands

- tired of the daily grind and feel like something is missing from their life

You deserve to feel better.


Services I provide include:


- Individual Therapy

- Couples Counseling

- Performance or Career Coaching

- Conflict Resolution

- Premarital Counseling

- Pre-engagement Counseling

My Approach 


I don’t “psychoanalyze” you or try to fit you into a mold.  I don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” model or psychological jargon.  I employ a straightforward, no-nonsense approach.  I understand that you are an individual and will tailor the work that we do to suit your unique needs.  My extensive clinical training coupled with professional experience allows me to be flexible and practical in my approach, helping you see results.

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